Using Movement to be Present

Have you ever felt lost in your own head?

I’m sure you have been there before; your thoughts keep coming into your head and it’s exhausting you. You want them to stop but you don’t know how. Maybe you are trying to sleep and experiences and conversations you have had throughout your day are keeping you awake.

You might feel powerless against your own thoughts. Is there any way to make them go away?

Photo by Marta Wave on

The good news is, yes! There is a way to calm down these thoughts. This is through movement. Movement of your body will help to disrupt the pattern of your never-ending intrusive thoughts.

This works because moving gives your mind something else to focus on. To change the state of your mind you need to change something about your environment. Move around a little. Go for a walk outside. Do something different than you have been in order to radically change your own mind.

Yes, it is possible for you. Next time your own thoughts are overwhelming you, move your body and see what happens.

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