Root Chakra Basics + Meditation

  1. Root Chakra Meditation
  2. Balancing the Root Chakra
  3. What can we learn from the root chakra?
  4. Is my Root Chakra in Balance?

Meaning the “Foundation of Support” in Sanskrit, the Root chakra is our connection to the physical plane, survival, and connection to all things that give us life. It’s where we store the feelings of basic necessity, the right to live. It is the lowest center in human incarnations, located at the base of the spine.

Root Chakra Meditation

To begin working on your Root Chakra now, check out this guided meditation linked above!

Balancing the Root Chakra

After we begin to connect to this masculine energy center, we can begin to connect with the earth itself. In meditation, you can imagine that you have roots, roots of light extending from your feet and going deep into the center of the earth to ground yourself.

What can we learn from the root chakra?

The root teaches us that we need to fufill our own basic needs. It is the base of us, the vital foundation that supports us, we support ourselves by making sure we are safe in all aspects of life.

Is my Root Chakra in Balance?

Here is some knowledge you can use to begin to get to know your root chakra.

Age of focus: Birth- 7 years
Element: Earth
Color: Red
Orientation: Self-Preservation
Demon: Fear

Endocrine Glands: testes/ovaries, sex hormones: Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen

Issues: Roots, Grounding, Nourishment, Family, Home, Health, Appropriate Boundaries, Body image

Deficiency: Disconnected from Body, Fear, Anxious, Restless, Can’t settle, Poor focus, Financial Difficulty, Poor Boundaries, Disorganization, lack of abundance, If you are in a mindset of scarcity or lack, prana isn’t optimized in this chakra.

Healing: Focus on restorative yoga poses, stretching the legs, grounding, giving in to gravity, meditating on the earth, spending time in nature, using grounding “tree” essential oils.

Balance: Good Health, Vitality, Well Grounded, Comfortable in Body, Sense of Trust, Security, Ability to Relax, Stability, Prosperity, Abundance

Excess: Weight issues, Hoarding, Material fixation, Greed, Sluggish, Tired, Lazy, Fear of Change, Addiction to Security, Rigid Boundaries, Holding onto things to feel Safe

Affirmations: I am safe, I am protected, I belong, I am secure, I am grounded

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