Letting the Practice Go

I remember a few weeks ago I consistently practiced yoga for quite a while. The feeling is empowering– knowing that you are on track and hitting your goals consistently. Until I wasn’t anymore, and I realize it’d take a miracle to just get myself moving and motivated again.

Have you ever been there?

I’m sure we all have. It can be difficult to stay consistent at the things we know we should be doing often. When we want to escape and run away from our problems is the exact moment we need to recommit. Recommit to your goals, recommit to that person you want to be.

Your practice is about building the habits you know will take you to the next level. When we let that go, we are really telling ourselves that we are ok with giving up. Not being consistent is letting yourself down.

But it’s not your fault.

Our brains work against us when we try to create new patterns. It is trying to help us conserve energy, and also stay the same. That’s what it knows is safe. Recommitting to our practice during those times is actually when the best change can happen!

Follow through even though you don’t feel up to it. Sometimes doing it anyway, despite being unmotivated, is what we need to help us change. And if it’s something that you truly love, that spark of inspiration and joy will come, even if you are just going through the motions.

Next time you feel your habits slipping, recommit to them. Let yourself be surprised at what happens next!

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